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Hardware Mass SMS Broadcast & Reply System Print E-mail


Beware of SMS Company Without SBO LICENSE (IDA) in Singapore

To operate and run SMS Services in Singapore, the company must have SBO (Services-Based Operator) License from IDA (Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore). It’s ILLEGAL if the company does not possess SBO LICENSE.

There are many SMS Companies that are operating without SBO License, Local or International. Not only it’s illegal and against the law to use their service, your are jeopardizing your database security :


  • They usually use external Telcos to send your messages, some don’t even knows which Telcos your data ends up to, it might end up in any countries in Africa or Middle East, you never knows.
  • Your messages will not be re-send if failed at first attempts.
  • If they don’t possess SBO LICENSE, very likely their service also NOT ENCRYPTED. Look at their Web Portal, or API Address, there is a big chance it’s not HTTPS (Encrypted).
  • Non-Compliance to PDPA / PDPC.

Ask your provider if they have SBO license. If not, you have the rights to terminate their service as it’s required by Law. You are free to report to IDA if your provider does not possess SBO LICENSE.

Fort Digital is SBO License compliance for all your peace of mind.



NEW ARRIVAL 2016 : Dual Chipset Hardware
This is latest technology from Fort Digital. Normal Dongle Hardware can only send 500-600 SMS Per Hour. But our latest “DUAL CHIPSET HARDWARE” able to send almost double to 900-1,200 SMS Per Hour. Utilizing same one sim card, this new technology will definitely cut down your waiting time to almost 50%. (Speed wise is varies depends on Signal, Length of Message, Invalid Mobile Number requires several retries, and the more Incoming SMS that can slow down sending.)
Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System is final solution for any company to start SMS campaign. Either for Marketing or Auto Reminder, Birthday Greeting, Scheduler, Auto Reply, Lucky Draw……and many more.
This system is NOT Subscription based. NOT Online Based. NO Credit Purchase. This system is utilizing any SIM CARD as medium of sending.

To use this system, you just need :
- Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System
- A SIM CARD (we even give you one Free $0.014 per SMS SIM Card)
- A PC (any Microsoft Windows includes Windows 7 & Vista)

That’s all you need. To start, insert your SIM CARD into the MODEM, then connect to your PC, and install “Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System Software”. DONE.

You manage your sending jobs, address book, schedule, auto reply etc. from the “Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System Software”….and all incoming and outgoing SMS will be sent or received via the MODEM with a SIM CARD inserted inside. Totally Offline, no Internet required. All your DATABASE is protected and secured in your PC, never upload anything to anywhere !

While many SMS Service Companies charging you per SMS as high as 8 cents per SMS, With our system, you can now send per SMS as low as $0.014 per SMS (that’s right, 1.4 cents). Or it can be even UNLIMITED (almost free)……to find out more, read all details below…….

Featured in Singapore Main Newspaper "The Strait Times" 26 February 2009, Click to download 1.27 Mb

Featured in latest BRAND MASTERY book as one of case study system
Countless Testimonials we have, these are some of latest :
The service render by the service provider is fantastic! They are always on hand to assist and guide the user till they are familiar with the system. The SMS system is also robust and very user friendly.
Mr Brendon – National Environmental Agency (NEA)
Teddy explained well so I understand the Direct SMS service thoroughly. He also came to standby during the Marathon at the venue itself. Appreciate the service also luckily I didn't need to send out the Cancellation of Event SMS.
Mr Yusri– Singapore Sport Council (SSC)
By far the most concise program we've encountered and it tailors to our needs perfectly.
Ms Lynette– Singapore Polo Club, Lush Spa


“The only thing that people carry to their work, sleep and to toilet is mobile phone…DO YOU AGREE?….SMS is one of the hell way to reach mass people DIRECTLY and INSTANTLY !....”

NOT Everybody Has Internet,

NOT Everybody Checks E-Mails,

NOT Everybody Opens Mail Boxes,

BUT Everybody Reads SMS….

Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System is one of the best SMS Broadcast system available in the market currently. Used by marketers, schools, clinics, property & insurance agents, to churches, mosque and organizations… the only STANDARD in the market that can fulfill your needs.

It is a breakthrough technology that helps you save manhours and resources in executing your marketing objectives. It is not just an excellent tool to market your products but also an indispensable assistant in executing timely reminders and announcer so that no one is left out and nothing is missed.

Technology hitherto used only by Big Corporations is now available to all at a very affordable price. Unlike many other companies that offer SMS service via their server or web-based, our system is TRULY independent.

We provide HARDWARE & SOFTWARE to let you do SMS campaign yourself.


Very simple. Our SYSTEM comprises of 2 Items:

Hardware (Modem)
The size of your Thumb, with USB connection (No need adaptor. Power from USB). Just INSERT A SIM CARD into the hardware and plug it into your PC’s USB port.

That’s all!!!

It can be any kind of SIM card from whatever Telcos from whatever countries, as far as GSM BAND (any frequency).


Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast Software
Is the “soul” of our system. Developed by a team of engineers from various countries, currently is the 3rd generation from it’s first developed 8 years back.

With numerous features such as Auto Unsubscribe, Personalization, Auto Reply, Auto Birthday, Flash SMS, Unicode, etc….it’s the most complete solutions for small and medium users.

Compatible with almost all Windows, XP, Vista, Windows 7. (sorry no Macintosh). And PC Requirement is better Dual Core and above (although Pentium 4 still possible), 512 RAM, and 100Mb HD Space. Internet totally doesn’t required as you broadcast via the SIM CARD, not internet.

This is our latest Hardware Dongle Modem. Using latest technology to boost SPEED and STABILITY.
With size of just 9cm × 2.6cm × 1.33cm and weight just 35g it's the smallest dongle for SMS System you can find in the market.
Not only it's a SMS BROADCAST DONGLE, you can use this dongle also for INTERNET ACCESS.....
Yes, as far as your SIM CARD is 3G or GPRS, you can multiuse our dongle also to connect to INTERNET
GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, HSDPA/UMTS 2100 MHz, HSDPA 7.2Mbps, UMTS DL/UL 384Kbps
Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7, 32 Bit or 64 Bit

Genuine Product – Beware Fakes
Beware of FAKE and IMITATIONS. Many tries to replicate our products in terms of looks, but never in terms of quality. Insist on genuine product by look at the “Fort Digital” HOLOGRAM LABEL at your product’s packaging/device.


We have special SMS plan. Only 1.4 cents per SMS, it’s the lowest rate you can find in town.


UNLIMITED PLANS : Yes, you can even send unlimited SMS.

Independent System - Not Web Based
Many companies offer SERVICES to SMS for you….via their website / server. Do you trust your database with them ? How do you know they sent out all SMS ? Our SMS System is purely INDEPENDENT, we provide you the HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE that installed in your computer for you to do the SMS campaign yourself.

If you can DO IT YOURSELF, why should you depend on others…?

No Subscription Fee – No Credit System – Nothing…. Just One Time Investment

You do not have to pay us for the SMSes you sent. With our system, you simply insert your own SIM card into the Modem that you get yourself from any telco companies in your countries.

You pay to the Telco companies, not to us. Get those good promotions from Telco companies that allow you to send unlimited SMSes……and you will see how much saving you can get using our system.

No Internet Required

To broadcast, you need not to find an Internet Connection. Just plug the hardware into the USB, start the application and off you go….

Keep Your Own Database
You need not to upload your database into server. The application is Desktop Based, installed in your PC, with the database stored entirely in your PC.

Cost per SMS Low
While many companies offering such services and charge you 6 to 10 cents per SMS, you can now SAVE almost ten times using our system. Basically the only cost of sending of the SMS depends on the SIM CARD plan. And there are many plans that allowed you to send at very low cost.

One Of The Fastest Sending / Broadcast System
We are proud to say our system is the fastest in the market that able to broadcast SMSes as fast as 4 seconds - 5 seconds per SMS using one of the fastest chipset in our Hardware Unit. In 1 hour you can reach up to 700 persons or more.

The Only System That Have Auto Un-Subscribe
With the new ANTI-SPAM law enacted in many countries, you will not break the law when using our system when broadcasting to ten of thousands of people. The AUTO UN-SUBSCRIBE feature let recipient to SMS back unsubscribe code such as UN and their contacts will be removed.

Send Out “Personalized” Sms
You can “mail-merge” each recipient’s variable into SMS, example :

You compose SMS
“Dear , your insurance expire at and your bonus point
Recipient will receive
“Dear John , your insurance expire at 23 Jan 2009 and your bonus point 250”

Powerful Scheduling, Repeating & Birthday System
Example scenario: Client’s appointment/meeting next week 10TH June 10 AM.

You pre-set Reminder SMS into the system, to send on 9TH June, one day before actual day. Next week, on 9TH June, system will automatically send out the reminder SMS to either Group or Individual.

You SAVE GREAT TIME to remind or call them one by one, effective, fast and most important…automatic… Also, the auto Birthday Message sender and Create Repeating SMS will definitely save you tons of time and effort.

Powerful Auto Reply Functions
There are 3 Auto reply functions, means the system is smart enough to reply back all incoming SMS Automatically.

You can use this system as Customer Service, Lucky Draw, Booking System, and many more.

Auto Registration/Subscribe Feature
Now you can ask anybody to register themselves into your address book.

Just tell them to sms REG to your system….i.e. "REG MICHAEL"

And system is smart enough to add their number and name into address book and special group. So you need not add them manually anymore….

Send Unicode Language Chinese, Japanese, Arabs, etc
You can send whatever language you want. And you can send long message or concatenate message or truncated message….all your choice.

Send FLASH SMS (Force People To Read And Auto Delete)
It’s very new technology from us. You can opt to send the SMS in FLASH. Means ,when the SMS reach recipient’s mobile phone, it will open the message straight away and display on the screen without have to go to inbox and open.

It force the recipient to read whether they like it or not. It’s extremely powerful way to capture someone attentions. And other SMS wont comes in until they close it. Also, after they close/dismiss the message, the message will Auto Delete from phone memory. Save time to do unsubscribe for some. It works on all handphone set.

Check out below video presentation if you still don't understand :


There are many uses for different indsutry,



1. This is the command for AUTO UNSUBSCRIBE. By default is UN. Once your customer SMS UN to your system, his contact will be removed from Contacts and automatically moved to Unsubscribe Contacts

2. After somebody unsubscribe, they will be replied with this confirmation message, you can change to your own message. If this box left empty, there won’t be any confirmation message send back to customer.

3. Set your Country Code, this value is compulsory. This Country Code is depends on which country your SIM CARD belongs to. Default is +65 (Singapore)

4. Set Birthday Default Time. Example, you set 11.35 in this setup, so everyday at 11.35 the system will start to check entire database for that day birthdays and send all jobs to OUTBOX to send out all greetings.

5. Set a Default Birthday Message Template. All birthday greetings will follow this template. You can also integrate Contact Variable into the message such as “Dear Happy Birthday”

6 & 7. Enable “Universal Auto Reply” or “Auto Response SMS” means whatever SMS comes in (incoming), system will automatically reply back with this single message such as “ Thank You for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible”.


You can create unlimited GROUP and CONTACTS, one contact can be in multiple groups.


After created a GROUP, now you can start to input your customer contact. Always remember, there are 2 ways to input your database. First, Manually key in one-by-one here and second way is by IMPORT Database.

There are rules for the number duplications:
- Same number will not be added to the same group, but
- Same number can be added to different group

You can create unlimited GROUP and CONTACTS, one contact can be in multiple groups.

1. Key in your contact mobile number here. For International number, must start with + sign, follow with country code and phone number.

2. Name of the contact

3. Select which GROUP this contact belongs to. You can add more than 1 Group for this contact.

4. There are 5 custom blank fields for each contact for you to key in their Contact Variable. And you can use these value from F1 to F5 to send Personalized SMS. Example : when you compose SMS like

“Hi , your bonus point is and renewal date is

Your customer will receive “Hi John, your bonus point is 250 and renewal date is 23 Jan 2009

5 & 6. If you want the system to send BIRTHDAY Greeting Automatically every year without miss, tick the box and set the contact’s birthday, set the correct DAY and MONTH will do, year not important. See page 14 point 7 to set default time to send out birthday greeting.


You can choose send to either ways :
- Individual (select contacts one by one) or/and
- Groups (all member inside will be selected), or/and
- Quick Key In the mobile numbers directly into Quick Send Box or/and
- Copy and Paste list of numbers from your spreadsheet to the Quick Send Box

1. If you want to send SMS directly, without have to add the contact in ADDRESS BOOK, simply key in her/his number here. You can key in multiple numbers here, separating by ENTER. Or you can simply COPY AND PASTE from your excel/notepad list of phone numbers into this box. Example :

2. If you want to send to CONTACTS you already added previously, click this button. And you will see new window appears where you can select which random CONTACTS you want to send to.

3. If you want to send to GROUPS you already added previously, click this button. And you will see new window appears where you can select which random GROUPS you want to send to.

4. This MESSAGE box is where you type in your messages. Remember, One SMS is 160 (Standard) or 70 (Unicode) character, exceed 1 character to 161 consider Two SMS, try to keep within 160 character, otherwise you will pay double cost and double sending time. International standard cap MAXIMUM 3 x 160 = 480 characters… don’t send something exceed 480 characters to avoid problem receiving. The message count will appear under the box.

5. You can integrate CONTACT VARIABLE into message box….example :

“Hi , your bonus point is and renewal date is

Your customer will receive “Hi John, your bonus point is 250 and renewal date is 23 Jan 2009

6. If you want to use any pre-created SMS Template, simply select by click at drop down selection. After you select any template, you can still modify it by click at MESSAGE box one time, the template will appear and you can modify them further.

7. If you want to send FLASH SMS, tick this option.
It’s very new technology from us. You can opt to send the SMS in FLASH. Means when the SMS reach recipient’s mobile phone, it will open the message straight away and display on the screen without have to go to inbox and open. It force the recipient to read whether they like it or not. And other SMS wont comes in until they close it. Also, after they close the message/dismiss, the message will Auto Delete from phone memory. Save time to do unsubscribe for some. It works on all handphone set.

8. If you going to send more than 160 charcaters you can adjust whether you want the recipient to receive as ONE long SMS or TWO or more separated SMS. Default is CONCATENATE means long SMS.

9. If the Messages in UNICODE (Chinese, Japanese, etc), you must select “Unicode Alphabet” otherwise the message will failed to be sent out. If all of are in a,b,c,d, etc or LATIN alphabet, select “Default Alphabet”. DEFAULT ALPHABET One SMS is 160 Characters. UNICODE ALPHABET One SMS is 70 Characters.

10. If you ready to send SMS, click this button. Your message now will goes to OUTBOX


This method is for “Lazy People” who doesn’t want to do Data Import or Manual Key in.

However, it’s very powerful and effective way, as well as save time to send SMS.
Most people keep their database in Microsoft Excel. In most applications, you need to do IMPORT before you can send……
However, Fort Digital think of easy way, skip the IMPORT if you want to. Just simply highlight all the numbers in your Excel, Copy them, and Paste into our Software….that’s easy….that’s fast….that’s simple…..
However, this Copy & Paste method does not deter you from skipping UNSUBSCRIBE LIST. It will still check two things before it get sent out :
1. It will check AGAINST Unsubscribe List you have in your system
2. It will check any duplicate numbers and automatically delete them
So this COPY & PASTE method is the most fastest and efficient way of sending SMS…..if you are lazy type….




All outgoing SMS will be shown here. One by one the SMS will be send out and jump to either SENT BOX or FAILED BOX.


Once the SMS successfully sent out, it will appears in this SENT BOX.


Once the SMS NOT successfully sent out due to many reasons such as :
- Invalid numbers, SIM CARD not enough credits, Any other technical reasons….


All INCOMING SMS will appears in INBOX.


1 & 2. Set a REMINDER / SCHEDULED SMS? Pre-create SMS job today, and let the system send out the SMS at the DATE & TIME specified by you. By default, the selection for DATE is NOW and TIME is IMMEDIATE, means once you hit at SEND SMS button, it will be sent right away. But, you can select some pre-define TIME and DATE….such as Tomorrow…Morning 9…etc. You can also select CUSTOM DATE and CUSTOM TIME by selecting the calendar appears below.

Once you click SEND button, the SCHEDULE SMS JOB will not goes to OUTBOX, but it will goes to SCHDEULED SMS BOX.

Remind your customer every week for 5 week? You can create REPEATING JOBS

Not only you can send out PERSONALIZED SMS such as

“Hi , your bonus point is and renewal date is

Your customer will receive “Hi John, your bonus point is 250 and renewal date is 23 Jan 2009

Now your customer also able to SMS TO YOUR SYSTEM to GET this variables.

Example, when customer SMS “#F1” to your system, the system will check his/her mobile number in database, if match, it will reply back “250

When customer SMS “#F2”, it will reply back “23 Jan 2009” and so on….

With this features, instead of keep answering calls to tell your customer their variables (for example their expiry date), you can just ask them to SMS F1-F5 into the system and everybody will get auto reply with their own variables.

Do you want to use this system as answering machine to specific value you set? For example : you preset an Auto Reply value into the system such as :

Receive : #rates

Response : our rate is now 2.5

When anybody SMS “#rates” to your system, the system will reply back “our rate is now 2.5”.

This Specific Reply function doesn’t require the person’s contact exist in your Contact Database. Unlike the Contact’s Variable F1 – F5 explained above, where it required the contacts to be exist in the database in order to reply back the F1 – F5 value back to customer. This Specific Reply simply reply back to whoever SMS in the exact code.

You can basically add unlimited responses into the system according to your needs.

Is called “Universal Auto Reply”, means if you enable this feature, all incoming/replies SMS into the system will be Automatically replied with a single SMS Message set by you.

Example, your “Universal Auto Reply” message is “Thank You for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible”

And when anybody SMS to your system any message, whether it’s a feedback, complaints, enquires or whatever……automatically the system will reply them back “Thank You for contacting us, we will get back to you as soon as possible”


Lazy to type same SMS message every time ? Why don’t pre create some standard SMS template for you to quick use. This also good to prevent human error in composing SMS message.

You can also integrate CONTACT VARIABLE into the template….


Fort Digital takes UNSUBSCRIBE seriously. We fully comply with SPAM ACT. Therefore our system has 4 unsubscribe features. Here explained in example :

1. Auto Unsubscribe

This is most common method.

You add contact “91234567” with name “Michael” into your Contact Address Book into group called “Customer”. And one day “Michael” sms “UN” into your system, the system will automatically remove “Michael, 91234567” contact from “Contact Address Book” and out him into “Unsubscribe List”. So next time you send to group “Customer”, Michael won’t be included anymore.


2. Manual Unsubscribe from Inbox

This for those never reply correct UN.

Like above case, however this time “Michael, 911234567” never reply UN, instead he sms in “Please take me out” message. Because he didn’t sms in “UN” code, the system won’t be auto unsubscribe him anymore like above method. So you can “Manually” unsubscribe him straight inside the “Inbox”, just select him message, right-click, and select “Manual Unsub”


3. Manual Unsubscribe from Contact List

This for those don’t reply anything, but instead, call you to request unsub.

Like above case, however this time “Michael, 911234567” never reply any sms at all, instead he call you and ask you to take him out from your contact. So you can just goto your “Contact Address Book”, search him number/name, and right-click, and select “Manual Unsub”


4. Auto Add To Unsub List Although The Number Never Inside Contact Address Book

This usually for those who do” COPY & PASTE” sending method. Where you never import or add any contacts AT ALL into “Contact Address Book. You just simply copy lots of numbers from Excel and Paste into the system for quick sending. However, you never worry about UNSUBSCRIBE. Although you never add those contacts into your Address Book, once they SMS back to you “UN” , the system will recognize that code and will automatically create a new contact under that mobile number (no name though) and add him/her straight to UNSUBSCRIBE LIST. So next time you send next campaign, that number will always be filtered out.






Do you want to hold a Lucky Draw Campaign?
Or Free Trial Campaign?
Or Survey Campaign?
Or simply you want your customer to SMS for Reservation for your Events?
Or let your students auto register themselves which class they want to attend…..
And you want to collect not only they NAME, also their EMAIL, ID, GENDER, etc…..all automatically submitted themselves via SMS…..
Fort Digital’s Auto Registration via SMS is an Industrial Standard adopted by countless campaigns.
You can create as many “concurrent” campaign at same time.
In the software, goto "Auto Registration Code"
Here you can create as many code as possible, this code represent the GROUP.
Example, you have an event called “Casia Condo Launch”, so you create new code called “CASIA”
Now, what you need to do is to inform your customers how to auto register. You can tell them in your Website, or Facebook, or Blogs, or Newspaper. The format will be :
SMS your entry/reservation : CasiaYour Name
Example : Casia, Michael Tay
To : 91234567
That’s all, once the SMS reach the system’s inbox, the system will automatically create a new contact named “Michael Tay” with his “mobile number”, and put him into group of “Casia”
However, if you want to collect more data from your customer beside the NAME field, you can collect 5 more variables. So the format will be :
SMS your entry/reservation : CasiaYour NameYour EmailYourIC
To : 91234567
That’s all, once the SMS reach the system’s inbox, the system will automatically create a new contact named “Michael Tay” with his “mobile number”, the email “ This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ” to Variable #1 field, and “s12354678k” to Variable #2 field, and put him into group of “Casia”
So you can have Auto Register : NAME + 5 VARIABLES
Example :
CasiaNAMEVar 1Var 2Var 3Var 4Var 5

Keep in touch with your customer all year long, by keying in their DATE and MONTH of Birthday (year not important), and the system will smart enough to Auto Send them every year a birthday Greeting (customized by you) on their Birthday Month or Birthday Day.

Do you want to force your recipient to read your message once it reach their handphone?
Yes, you can do that. It called Flash SMS.
Just enable Flash SMS function when you create sms job in the system, and when the SMS reach the recipient’s hand phone, the message will POP UP in their screen without them have to open it manually.

It will just POP UP and shows the entire message itself. Forcing them to read the SMS. In majority phones, it will even cover the entire screens of the phone.

However, after dismissing/closing the message, it will be gone/deleted automatically in majority of handphone.

You can send and receive any Unicode Languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, etc…..language without any problems……

You can send more than 160 characters SMS (or 70 for Unicode) without any problems. And the recipient of your SMS will receive as ONE Full SMS without truncated or second or third SMS.


Lazy to key in the contacts info one by one? Do you have thousands of contacts you want to import into the system? Click at IMPORT button to import the list in CSV format.

The format of the CSV file must be using fixed format. In order to get the correct format, simply EXPORT the Phonebook (Contacts) in CSV format one time and you can modify further from there.

And many more features………………….

Thousands of Business Entities using this system for their SMS campaign. From one-man-show, to self employed, to clinics, to schools, to property agents, to listed companies......all looking for power of SMS in this system............


1 Unit of USB Modem Hardware
- Warranty 2 Year, 1 to 1 exchange
1 Unit of Software License of Fort Digital SMS System Ver 6.x
- You can install in unlimited computer, cd-rom given
- Forever Updates
On Site Installation (Singapore Only)
On Site Training (Singapore Only)
Half to 1 hour training
Printed Manual
Unlimited Updates Download From Internet
If you are Agents, we have special pricing for you, please quote your agency name for much lower pricing!

Our Software rated "5 OUT OF 5 STAR" at Ivertech. Click here to see


1. How exactly this SMS Broadcast System works ?
To use this system, you just need :
- Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System Software (can be purchased here)
- A GSM Modem (can be purchased here)
- And a SIM CARD (get yourself in your country)
- A PC (any Windows)
That’s all you need. Now, to start, you insert your SIM CARD into the MODEM, connect to your PC, and install “Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System Software”. DONE. !

You manage your sending jobs, address book, schedule, auto reply etc. from the “Fort Digital Hardware SMS Broadcast System Software”….and all incoming and outgoing SMS will be sent or received via the MODEM with a SIM CARD inserted inside. Totally Offline, no Internet required.

2. Does it requires Internet Connection to broadcast?
NOT AT ALL. Our system is TOTALLY Offline. Means your whole database is safe within your computer. You can broadcast anywhere & anytime you want.

3. If no Internet Connection required, how the hell it broadcasts SMS?
Via SIM Card. You insert your SIM Card into the hardware unit. So all SMS broadcast all through the SIM Card, like your handphone.

4. What kind of SIM Card?
Anykind. Even if you take out your Sim Card from your handphone and insert into the Modem, you can start to broadcast. Either Postpaid or Prepaid Plan, all can be used. Choose the best SMS Plan in your countries. In most cases Prepard Plan usually is cheapest in terms of SMS Cost. However, there are also some Unlimited SMS Plans in some countries, so make use of it.......

5. So you mean I only purchase your system ONE Time and I can use forever, and all charges of SMS I sent are paid to the Telco companies depending on which Sim card I use?

6. Do you have any good plan for me to broadcast? My plan only give me 300 – 500 free SMS every month. I need to broadcast to at least 2500 people.
Choose the best SMS Plan in your countries. In most cases Prepard Plan usually is cheapest in terms of SMS Cost. However, there are also some Unlimited SMS Plans in some countries, so make use of it.......

7. Do you have Unlimited Plan?
You can hunt for that plan, it’s exist out there ! We leave it to you to use whatever plan you want, we don’t restrict you to use specific plan !

9. How fast your system broadcasting the SMS es?
One of the fastest ! As fast as 4-5 seconds per SMS. In roughly an hour you can reach 700 people, or even more.

10. How portable your modem is? Can I broadcast in my home as well as my office?
VERY PORTABLE. Our modem that you inserted the Sim card is just a credit card size. Like your thumbdrive, you can carry anywhere and broadcast anywhere, even in your toilet. Anyway, you can use any Modem as far as compatible with our Fort Digital Hardware SMS System.

11. My computer…eerrr….you know..Windows Vista or Windows 7, can it work?
Of course, no problem under XP, Vista, Windows 7, etc….as far as Windows based. No MAC, sorry……

12. Great…..but is your system easy to use?
Even grandpa also can use. The interface is like your Outlook. There is INBOX, OUTBOX, SENT, etc…..

13. I want to send personalized SMS, where every contact will receive SMS with their name in it, like “Dear Michael, visit our shop this week for 30% off…”, possible?
YAP !! That’s is one of our main features. You can send PERSONALIZED SMS to thousands of people with just a click. Not only that, you can also integrate other variable such as their current bonus points, expiry date, username and password, etc……all within just a couple of clicks.

14. Not only send out personalized SMS. What if I want them to SMS in and check their own variable, for example their current bonus points?
YAP !! Another feature we have, just ask them to SMS certain code, then the system will automatically reply them what they looking for. Save your time to answer their enquires !!!

15. I run a clinic and spa, everyday we keep calling customer to remind them their appointments, that’s tedious, time consuming and not cost effective. Your SMS System can help to send reminder automatically?
ABSOLUTELY. Why call if you can SMS them, nobody miss SMS, don’t you think? You can create SCHEDULE SMS in our system, means for next week appointment, you just create the reminder this week, and let it SMS your customer AUTOMATICALLY when the date and time comes next week !!!

16. Whoaaa… I heard there is a LAW saying that if I m going to broadcast to thousands of people, I need to have AUTO UNSUBSCRIBE system. Does your system have that?
YES!! ABSOLUTELY. You can set whatever unsubscribe code such as , and once someone SMS in to the system, his/her number will be deleted AUTOMATICALLY from your address book.

17. I got 5000 contacts, you don’t expect me to key in one by one into your system database right?
Of course not! You can easily IMPORT your contact using excel in one time go. We will train you during the training, don’t you worry….

18. I m busy people, I got no time to do IMPORT or manual key in the database. Can I just simply copy and paste entire number I want to send from EXCEL and paste into your software to send out the SMS?
YAP!!! If you lazy type, just simply copy the entire Mobile Number and paste into one of the box when you create a SMS job. System is smart enough to send all instant number !

19. My database have lots of duplications of mobile number. When I do import, does all duplicates numbers still appears?
NOP!! Our system is smart enough to filter out all number duplications. System will atomically takes only 1 number.

20. I run salon business where I want to AUTOMATICALLY send BIRTHDAY SMS GREETING every year to them, can your system do that?
Of course !!! Our birthday greeting is very powerful. You just need to select each customer birthday day and month (year no need) and the system will AUTOMATICALLY send a greeting to them every year without miss. You can customized the greeting message as well as what time you want the system to start to send birthday everyday.

21. I also want to use this system as BOOKING or RESERVATION for my restaurant business, where people can SMS their name and desired time for booking. Can?
Of course can. Remember the INBOX? Is all the INCOMING SMS. You can see all SMS sent in clearly, also if you want, you can EXPORT all SMS into Excel for better use.

22. I run Money Changer, everytime people call me to ask for rates, can your system help me to save my time answering those calls?
YES!! You can pre-create specific auto-reply code such as in the system with answer such as TODAY RATE IS 1.5. So just ask your customer to SMS , they will get the answer of TODAY RATE IS 1.5 automatically, you no longer have to answer their calls !!

23. With all AUTO-REPLY functions you have, do I have to ON my computer 24 hours?
Not need at all. Remember when you turn off your handphone for a week and when you ON it, all SMS start to flow in? Same principle. You will NEVER miss a SMS sent to you. Once you ON your computer, alls SMS will comes in into INBOX. And if any those SMS need to be auto-replied, it will do the job automcailly.

24. When I sent out SMS, the other party will receive it with my SIM card number. Can I change the number to name instead?
Our SMS System is 2 WAY system, means IN and OUT. Because we have 3 AUTO REPLY system. That’s why it must have the number for the other side to reply back. If mask, then it will becomes 1 WAY system, OUT only.

25. I want to SMS to overseas number, can it be done?
Of course, why not. Just simply key in the number with county code and off you go. Of course for overseas number, charges will be slightly higher than local, check with your Telco for costing.

26. I read you also provide DIRECT SMS BROADCAST SYSTEM, what’s the difference with this system ?
If you :
- Want to send SMS to big database such as 10,000 and above
- Must be send out within short time
- Must have Sender ID (recipient will see your name instead of number)

Then you need DIRECT SMS BROADCAST instead of HARDWARE SMS BRAODCAST, click here to find out more.

27. I want to send more than 160 characters, is it possible using your system?
Of course!! Our system we don’t limit how many characters you want to send. But of course you know that if you send more than 160 characters, you will be charged accordingly. 2 SMSes if within 320 or 3 SMSes if within 480 characters.

28. If I send more than 160 characters, the Telco will charge me 2 SMS or more. But will my clients receive as 1 SMS or 2 ?
Now all handphone will displays long SMS as 1. Only those very old handphone will separate the SMS according to 160 characters.

29. I want to send Chinese SMS to my Chinese community clients/members, can your system send Simplified & Traditional Chinese ?

30. How about Japanese? Korean? Thai? Arab?
YUP, ALL CAN. But make sure the recipient headphone have foreign language capabilities, otherwise they can’t read them. Chinese & Japanese is the most common language all handphone can read now.

31. Can your software allowed me to create SMS Template, so I need not have to re-type the same SMS I want to send?
YES!! You can create UNLIMITED SMS template for re-use.

32. How reliable your system is? What is your warranty period?
To give you confidence how good our system is, we provide FOREVER UPGRADE. Once you purchase the system, we will keep you updates with latest version with more features.

We update our software very frequently. Everytime we found a bug or to add new features, we send you the new patch via email. In a year there could be 5 to 10 updates.

34. How about the Hardware Warranty?
1 Year. If anything happend to the hardware within a year, we will change for you 1-to-1 , NO REPAIR. If outside warranty period, you can purchase just the hardware for $250.

35. How long is your training?
We don’t limit. Until you understand. Could be 1 hour or more.

36. Does your company provide databases?
You can refer to here.

38. If I bring this system outside Singapore. Can it be used?
Why not. Our system used in more than 10 countries right now. As far as your SIM Card is GSM band, you can broadcast anywhere you want.

39. I need to customize the software according to our needs. Can you do that?
Yes, we provide customization services. You need to contact us for further discussion.

41. I really looking forward to own a system. How fast is the installation and delivery?
Install, 2 minute. Delivery, anytime. Training, provided, ON-SITE. Just call us at 6484 3863 / 9336 5219 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it




Regarding The New Ruling of DNC (Do Not Call) from PDPC

SMS Is More Powerful Than Calls Now

With the new ruling on 26 December 2013, organisations that have an "ongoing relationship" with customers will be allowed to send out marketing messages without having to check the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry.

And virtually all situations are covered -- from an existing holder of a credit card to someone holding a life insurance policy, a recipient of a home loan or a member of a rewards programme.

Others include an existing subscriber to a magazine, an existing home fixed broadband subscriber, or someone who has an existing arrangement to regularly donate to a charity.

Under such circumstances, a company can send out text and fax messages on related products and services, even if their customers are on the DNC Registry.

The exemption, however, does not apply to voice calls.

Mah Mei Hui, managing director of The Skin Pharmacy, said: "It's really good news in the sense that we don't actually have to sieve through thousands of people on this registry and match them up on our own mailing list. So I guess in terms of manpower hours, it's quite a relief. Previously we were supposed to do this every month, now with this exemption, it definitely frees up a lot of our time to do other things.

With this ruling, we advise companies to start implement SMS system in their premises for easy communication with their customers.


Now, Pricing Wise.

Price wise, we are in the middle range, not overly cheap to sacrifice quality, and also not overly expensive that will burden you. We offers a very high quality SMS delivery, and yet, at very reasonable cost.

This is ONE TIME PURCHASE System and you send using your own SIM CARD.
Cost is from S$599 and below, contact us for special pricing if you agents.
PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme), ICV (Innovation & Capability Voucher), and Other Grants
SMS Solutions are considered automation services that will improve your operations greatly. Hence, you can claim this service under Productivity Improvement Scheme. Not only we provide “RISK FREE CLAIMS” (Contact Us for more details), we will also help you to do any paper works if you are eligible for the claims. You can claim up to S$100,000 for various scheme available. Do contact us for more information.